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Celebrate Vitamin D3 5000IU Quickmelt Tablets

Celebrate Vitamin D3 5000IU Quickmelt Tablets

SKU: celebrate-vitamin-d3-5000iu-quickmelt-tablets-orange

90 ct

By utilizing our quick-melt technology, we have developed a great new way to take your vitamin D. While not all patients will need to take extra vitamin D3 daily, if you do, you can enjoy our unique Quick-Melt tablets in great Orange once-a-day, perfect to take with a stroll outside in the early-morning air through the orchard to see the orange trees growing and the fruit waving in the breeze.

Key Elements:

5,000 IU of vitamin D3
Uses a water-miscible (dry) vitamin D3
Key Things to Look for in Our Vitamin D3 Quick-melt Tablets:

Formula - Our proprietary formula utilizes a quick-melt technology to provide you with a great tasting tablet that will dissolve in less than 1 minute. Our Quick-melt tablet makes taking your vitamin D3 enjoyable!

Taste - When you have to take a product often, it needs to be something that you enjoy. Our Vitamin D3 Quick-melt is a nice, mild orange flavor that is unbeatable in regards to taste and delivery system, making it easy to maintain your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D3(cholecalciferol) - Our multivitamin products contain the highest level of vitamin D available in a bariatric product. However, vitamin D deficiency is probably the most common deficiency in bariatric surgery patients, so some patients require additional vitamin D3 to maintain adequate levels.

Water Miscible Vitamins D3 - We utilize a dry, water-miscible form of vitamins D3 to further enhance absorption. This means that these nutrients do not have to be taken with fat to optimize absorption, unlike vitamin D found in other brands.

* Patients should follow the instructions of their bariatric surgeon regarding proper supplementation. Proper supplementation should be viewed as an individualized regimen based upon each patient’s individual medical history, laboratory studies, and current medication use.